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Our integrated curriculum combines grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, listening, and speaking instruction. Small classes (maximum 12 students) ensure that students receive a great amount of personal attention from us, all of whom are trained in our Interactive Teaching Method. This engages students in the learning process to guarantee that they quickly develop skills and confidence.


●● Provides an integrated, general English curriculum to help students communicate effectively. The course improves students’ English skills and develops their confidence so that they can continue to use and improve their English even after they leave the school. The course also improves
intercultural awareness and interpersonal skills. Each unit presents a wide variety of conversational activities: discussion, listening comprehension, using idioms and role-playing, as well as reading, vocabulary, grammar, and writing practice.


●● Includes the STAGE 1 Course with additional lessons providing more opportunities to focus on specific areas such as pronunciation, vocabulary development, writing skills, and idiomatic expressions, as well as discussion of current events.


●● Includes the STAGE 1 Course with additional lessons that develop the skills needed to communicate effectively in a business environment. These include making introductions, emailing, negotiating, writing business letters, and other topics of interest to the specific group.


●● Private lessons are a very effective method of language learning as the focus is entirely on the individual’s specific needs. Students may enroll in private lessons only, or they can add them to any other course.