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GLOBAL SPOKEN POINT has been one of the premier schools in the field of imparting education over the last two decades. It has excelled in the field of teaching English language to students of different age groups irrespective of their educational background with a high rate of success.

It bridges the gap between speaking English and writing English. It believes that the application of Standard English makes all the difference between the ordinary and the extra ordinary speakers and writers.



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January 11, 2021

Online Registration:

All students of Global Spoken Point are requested to go for online registration to avail new facilities like online exams, doubt clearing, fees payment, etc.

Online Registration:

All existing students of Global Spoken Point are requested to complete the process of online Registration through this website at the earliest.


We have begun our online classes from 2nd January, 2021. Existing and interested students are requested to come to office to get their batch allotments.

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